” Handsome Fellow ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited )

” A Handsome Fellow waiting for his new girl outside her home. This is the first time they are going to see each other in person. They have known each other for more than a year but they have never met in real life before. He is very calm on the outside but a little bit stressed on the inside. He wants to make a nice first impression after all. It is somewhat funny. They both know exactly who they are going to meet, but it is still so exciting and somehow enigmatic. He has an intention of making this meeting a very special one. A highly sophisticated list of things to do together is charmingly troubling his soft mind. He wasn’t too nice for her many times in past. Not that he didn’t like her, but to keep distance and to keep his head clear. After so much wasted time, so many nice opportunities missed, he finally decided to gave it a shot. Despite all the negative things and the lack of mutual interests, he can’t be sure that she is not meant for him. She’s won. She will finally learn the truth the hard way. It should be such a nice journey, the weather is just right. Not too hot, not too cold. Wind present, but not pushy. And clouds… the clouds are surely magnificent today; big, heavy and so billowy… just the way he loves them. He’s afraid. He’s frightened to the bone of not being good enough once again. He’s scared of wasting what’s left of his emotions on the wrong person. How can she be the right one? She looks okay, she’s quite smart too, but what about some crucial things like passion, mutual things they would both like. There are literally no things that would hold them together except for fucking… and that… you can find just anywhere… Oh dear… he’s hesitating again. Torn apart between what he thinks is right and what if he is mistaken… He needs that hug so much, but what if it is just another trap… What if it will only hurt him and force to leave another piece of his heart in the wrong place… He whispers: ” She isn’t real, I can’t make her real… ” He turns around and walks away, repeating ” She isn’t real, there’s no one for me here… ” “

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” The Touch Of A Woman ” by tgchan ( Canon EOS 70D + Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5–5.6 IS STM )

” The Touch of a Woman… They are quite similar to cats, you know? They are both connoisseurs of comfort, but cats… well, they lack ability to create those warm and cosy places on their own. Women on the other hand, they are quite skilful with those things. A quick glance at some place, and you know there was a female presence around. It is really interesting. Women look for males who can give them security, and males look for females who can give them this special cosiness that their mother used to create for them. It all goes in circles. Why am I even surprised with this discovery… Everything in nature works like that. A big fucking wheel of correlation. All nice and tidy, items placed carefully and with a great thought. Colours are not random and everything must go with the rest of the surrounding. It gives me a headache… I like it, but I would never follow all those rules. I know how to create a super cosy place for myself, and I don’t need all this bullshit that this should suit that etc. I like it, I have it. Done. Simple as that. I wouldn’t give up something I like only because it doesn’t go well with the rest of the room or something, fuck that. Going back to the woman’s touch, I truly admire their commitment, and their sense of setting up things the way they do; most of the time anyways There is something special about it, not doubt. Even though, I don’t genuinely know exactly what it is. Must be some kind of womanly magic I guess. I have been trying to capture the beauty of my mother’s bedroom for quite a while now, but only recently, I think I have finally got it. Admire. “


” Not Enough ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited )

” My 200th upload… why not make it special, huh? You most definitely were, so it should go all nicely with the rest of it. I know you have always wanted me to dedicate one of my work and description just to you, so here it is… finally. We have never had a chance for a real goodbye, have we? I know… it was partially my fault, I admit it. I just couldn’t be there with you knowing that you are looking for someone else to replace me with. I couldn’t bear it, I had to remove myself from your life. See, I can be confident and decisive in my choices, just not where everyone else is… You once asked me, what do I love the most about you, and I didn’t want to tell you at that time, but now… well, it doesn’t exist any more. It is quite simple you see… The way you cared about me, constantly fighting and never losing faith in me, was the thing that I loved the most about you. Of course, there is so much more, but this single idea, that I am so important and special to you, was the beginning of everything for me. I thought, if I am so important to her, and she is willing to do so much for me… she deserves everything I have to offer. I had so little… but it was enough for you to stay, you kept believing in me. My whole life, was just me alone really… I have never thought I would meet someone like you. I dreamt about it… but we all know that dream world and the reality are two things that rarely coexist together. Everything I have designed and shaped into, was completely opposite to what you needed and hoped for. Your big plans about the family and everything else… You never gave up on them, did you? Not until the very end of it… You really thought you will change my mind eventually… It looks like we have both disappointed each other… It is quite ironic though, don’t you think ? Everything you wished for, eventually came true… I guess we will never find out about the rest now. I used to know things, I was sure of them and confident about my life philosophy… Now, I can’t even trust my own thoughts. It feels like I am surrounded by a crowd of traitors, not knowing who will stab me first. Do I want to bring you back? No. I mean, I don’t fucking know okay… Do you want to suffer? Come and join the party. I count days on which I am not crying thinking about you. My record is five days in a row so far, but I got tired holding it all back after a while, so I am back at one again. Do you want to have a nice family and be happy? STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. You once said that I can’t stop thinking about you because I have no life… ouch… it is okay though, it is partially true. My life was always simple, but I have never had trouble filling my free time, never. See, the thing is… you became my life, and I didn’t want to do anything without you. I have been trying to shut my old life down in order to learn and share the new one just with you. The hole you have left in my life is something you cannot really fix. I have been circling round it, looking at it and trying to find some answers, make sense of it or just simply understand it, but the only thing I have got from doing so, is even more questions and pain. I am trying to sit on the edge of what is left of my life, but I find myself constantly falling back into the black abyss of sorrow. I really hate waking up in the mornings now you know… everything feels so empty without you. I hate the moments when my family asks about you as well… I squeeze my fists, trying not to burst into tears, and try to change the subject as fast as I can, before the emotions get the best of me. Sometimes I find peace of mind by looking at myself in a mirror… I say, wow… what a miserable fuck you are, and I feel better that you are gone… you deserve so much more. Hopefully you will never look back, not this time. I just wanted you to know that I have never resigned from you, I have just lost with my biggest enemy, myself. You are a part of me know, you will always be. I am so sorry I was not enough of who you wanted me to be… I really am. Heh funny… I still cannot breathe when I think about you. I will never understand how could I let you go… it doesn’t make sense. All this talking and being honest with each other didn’t really help much after all… heh, it’s sad. I wanted us to be so different, I thought I have it all figured out… I really believed that. So this is it, I guess… You are another exhibit in my museum of unfulfilled dreams now… the place where I have never wanted you to be. I …. ….. … .. ……. …. Zmijka… I really did. \o/ “

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” Medusa ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” Years ago, I felt a weird need of having something very old. Something with a great history behind it, something that remembers life from the past. I’ve won it on an auction by a mistake, or maybe not? I had bid a little too much, in hope that someone will outbid me… but no one did. This is how, I have acquired this special coin. It is hard to believe, that this little piece, is around two-and-a-half thousand years old… Just imagine, how many people had it before me, in how many different places it had been, before it finally reached my place… it’s truly mind blowing. There were many different ancient coins to buy, but I wanted something special, mystical and perhaps sinister. So who is this mysterious persona, looking like a friendly, smiling sun? Her name is… as you may have already guessed, Medusa. In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. So no…, it is definitely not a friendly face you would like to look at. I have kept it for a long time now, maybe it’s time to let her go… Maybe she is the reason, behind all those troubles I have been having with my life in the last couple of years? What if she gets really angry, once she leaves my place? I better not make her mad… Think twice~! before you look into her eyes~! “


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” Walking In The Night ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + SMC Pentax-DA 50mm F1.8 )

” A beautiful nymph, silently walking through the black night. The bright moon shines upon her young body, while her soft feet gently stroke sleeping grass. Even though the sun is far away, on the other side, the night is warm and cosy. She stepped on an old stump and leaned against the bent tree, her favourite place to be. She stands at the edge of the precipice and looks down at the glittering metropolis in distance… She knows it’s not her place and that the forest is her home, yet she can’t stop coming back here and watch the high technology existence far away. A delicate breeze brushes her long curly hair… she closes her eyes, and listens to ambient sounds of busy life… “



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” Curves ” by tgchan ( Fujifilm X100 BLACK Limited Edition )

” Women and their curves… more than one has lost his head over some gal. Designed to charm, seduce and beguile… They disrupt your logical thinking and make you do things you wouldn’t normally do… Sweeter than honey and more desirable than gold… They will soon have you in their snare, no matter what you do… ”



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