” A War Of Generations ” by tgchan ( Sony A6500 + Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 )

” You cannot stop time… No matter how rich and powerful you are, you just can’t. Generations after generations, they all fight for their own survival. This is how it goes, this is how it was from the very beginning. There are no permanent things. Some last longer while other shorter, but in the end… everything must perish eventually. The fight between generations doesn’t necessarily always have to end in the disappearance of the fallen one. Sometimes they can even coexist in a nice and civilised manner. Every generation has got its own prime time which is eventually replaced with another one, and another one, and so on. Some generations are so tough and resilient, they can withstand almost anything and still coexist with the next following ones. Games, films, cinema, television, internet, consoles, CDs, DVDs, smartphones and so much more, none of it could take books out. They have been around for so long that I don’t think they will ever go away… What is their secret? How come they have survived for so long? Even despite highly digitalised world, they still got masses of admirers. Could it be simplicity? Perhaps… or maybe it is something else. Probably a mixture of things like; nostalgia, simplicity, portability, convenience, deep engagement and many more. Books are simply magical… It is mind-blowing that a piece of paper and some letters stuck together have the power to take you to another reality. Even though I prefer different type of entertainment, I have a mad respect for them. Hopefully this generation will perish as the last one, just for the sake of an ultimate resilience.”

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” Blazing Saddle ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” There is something amazing about the military equipment and machines. I just simply love, that everything about them is so functional and robust. There is no place for unnecessary things, no room for fancy shapes just to look nice and cool, no. Everything what you see is made for a reason, and it has some important role behind it. I look at it, and I have a million questions about it, and probably some more. So many details, even more innovative ideas implemented in this crazy creation of destruction. You have to also remember, that during the war, all best engineers and other great minds, were joining the same team together, working harder than ever, pushing their knowledge and creativity to the limits. Nowadays, it might not be as functional as it was before, but it still looks incredible… and it can be definitely called, the work of art. “


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