” Spiky Greens ” by tgchan ( Sony A6500 + Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 )

I always knew… I have always known what I want in life… I was sure and confident about it as well… I don’t know what happened, I mean I know… but it is too hard for me to believe it. It scares me because I know it’s true, and I don’t know the way out of it now… I have set myself on the path that was not designed for me at all… I have triggered the bomb, and I don’t know how to stop the countdown. Piece by piece, life is stripping me of what I have known… Leaving me with nothing but darkness and chaos in my mind. I don’t know what I want any more, what is even worse; I feel like the things I have always loved doing are leaving me as well… All my pillars of existence are crumbling underneath the weight of emptiness. I just don’t know any more… I feel like those spiky greens shivering and trembling in the wind, unconsciously waiting to be finally knock down from their highest point in life…

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” A War Of Generations ” by tgchan ( Sony A6500 + Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 )

” You cannot stop time… No matter how rich and powerful you are, you just can’t. Generations after generations, they all fight for their own survival. This is how it goes, this is how it was from the very beginning. There are no permanent things. Some last longer while other shorter, but in the end… everything must perish eventually. The fight between generations doesn’t necessarily always have to end in the disappearance of the fallen one. Sometimes they can even coexist in a nice and civilised manner. Every generation has got its own prime time which is eventually replaced with another one, and another one, and so on. Some generations are so tough and resilient, they can withstand almost anything and still coexist with the next following ones. Games, films, cinema, television, internet, consoles, CDs, DVDs, smartphones and so much more, none of it could take books out. They have been around for so long that I don’t think they will ever go away… What is their secret? How come they have survived for so long? Even despite highly digitalised world, they still got masses of admirers. Could it be simplicity? Perhaps… or maybe it is something else. Probably a mixture of things like; nostalgia, simplicity, portability, convenience, deep engagement and many more. Books are simply magical… It is mind-blowing that a piece of paper and some letters stuck together have the power to take you to another reality. Even though I prefer different type of entertainment, I have a mad respect for them. Hopefully this generation will perish as the last one, just for the sake of an ultimate resilience.”

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” Wheels Of Happiness ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited )

” I need that car… I need it now real bad… I have to quickly drive away from this world, before it alone will drive me mad. I need to go back to a place where I meant something, the air I was breathing in was not poison, and the life I was living had more than two colours available. I have got plenty of fuel for what I need, well refined from all the burnt dreams over the years. Will I have got enough courage to grab the steering wheel and control the course of my destination? I have to… That cannot be another wasted opportunity to finally go flat out with everything I have been holding back for so long… I can’t afford it, not any more… A colourful vehicle, a time machine from the better times, a vessel that may bring what has been once lost and left behind in the past… A hope? Maybe. So it’s there… hidden somewhere beneath the complexity of human subconscious, buried in thoughts of the present, surrounded by ugliness and decay of yesterday… but it’s there… and it’s waiting to be found. Don’t stop, not now, not tomorrow. You are closer than you may think. Look for the clues, remember what you have been always doing, what has always been a part of you. Do not abandon your instinct, it’s the only compass you can trust. Now, can I? The best things happened because I have ignored what you have been telling me, but again… They have also brought the worst things… Maybe… maybe you are right. Maybe I should have never abandoned you, maybe there is something meaningful at the end. All that pain and suffering can’t be for nothing, right? It has to have some kind of gratification to even things out. Maybe if I had listened to you before, I wouldn’t have been thinking in circles now… That stupid venomous mistake… what was I thinking… I should have never come out of my world. What the hell was I thinking… that I could be like others? That I could do things like everyone else does? Stupid… Forget it. Get the fucking car and be done with it, never stop afterwards. Not for anything, not for anyone. They can jump right in, but there will be no stops. You have been standing in one place long enough. “


” Grounded ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” Beauty and the Beast, king of the sky, fearless conqueror of the whitest clouds… Forever grounded, revoked, left behind… Looking proudly, far above, reminiscing about the old days of glory and love. Living in past, choking back tears while looking at youngsters jetting around, poor soul… It would give everything just to feel refreshing breeze in its nose again, one touch of the white billowy clouds, one last dive before everything goes dark… In vain, dreaming about the things that cause unbearable pain. It’s better not to think about it, forget, focus on the new things, it could have been much worse… At least, you can still look at the blue sky, not like those poor souls locked in hangars and museums, stripped from wings and engines. Cherish the moment, forget about the painful past, look in the future and see the stars. ”


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” A Very Special Place ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + Samyang 10mm F2.8 )

” Everyone has it, almost everyone miss it… and if we could, we would have returned there without a second of thinking. The very special place from our childhood, the place where everything was meaningful, with purpose… and the happiness was so easily achievable… The people that have surrounded you, your best friends… now, scattered all over the world, living their own lives, far away from yours. Even people you have barely known and those you didn’t like… they are very dear to you, because they are connected to this perfect world of your happiest times. Autumn, winter, spring, summer, there was always something to do… even the most boring moments you can remember, make your face smile and you would love to get back there, just to live through it one more time… This is the view from my grandparent’s window, this is the place where the happiest times of my life have occurred. It doesn’t look like much, I know… but for me, this was the best place to be… It hurts me a lot to be there now, knowing that those times and people will never return… remembering every moment, connected with every spot… I walk there like a ghost, lost in time and space… “



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” High technology ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + SMC Pentax-DA 50mm F1.8 )

” Just look at this high tech audio stereo system! This cutting edge technology from UNITRA features amazing compact cassette player with a brand new logic control system, ten slider fully customizable equalizer, powerful amplifier, accurate radio tuner with analog display and all this in a beautiful silver colour illuminated by blue,red, green and yellow lights! The best thing in all this is that it takes only half of your shelf, you can still use the other half for your favourite books! Isn’t that convenient!? I know… It’s mind blowing… and to imagine it is only a beginning of the 80’s! “



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” Magic Workshop ” by tgchan ( Fujifilm X100 BLACK Limited Edition )

” A little magic workshop hidden deep, in the back of garage. So many different things have been created in this tiny place… So many requests from a young boy… all fulfilled, not even one turned down. All these these tools and items, lying and hanging around… each one of them with its own purpose and application. A bright light shines upon the table of a skillful tinker. Pliers, screwdrivers, grinders, wrenches, cables, wires, cans and even hazel nuts… all waiting for their turn. Even though, I am not so young anymore and I don”t ask my Grandfather for a lot… this little workshop of his, will be always remembered as a special and magical place, where all childhood dreams… were always coming true… “



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” Junk ” by tgchan ( Fujifilm X100 BLACK Limited Edition )

” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I just couldn’t agree more with this saying… This is my grandfather’s cabinet full of different things. I remember when I was a kid, I loved exploring this place thoroughly! Brushes, paints, nails, pliers, jars, boxes, wires… so many different tools and items… even more colours and shapes. Even though, I didn’t know what to do with most of them, they have always looked so interesting to me, I just couldn’t resist. The best thing in all this was that every time I came to my grandparents… there was something new in there, waiting for me. This cupboard has always been a magical place for me… just like the rabbit hole was for Alice… ”



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” Health and Strength ” by tgchan ( Fujifilm X100 BLACK Limited Edition )

” Long time ago, when bodybuilding was in its infancy, people already knew that the exercises were the way to stay fit and happy. Health and Strength, the two words that define what real bodybuilding used to be about… Long time gone now, the disgusting drugs, chemicals and advertising gimmicks destroyed what was once a wonderful sport. Some people still pump iron the old-fashioned way, using their knowledge, experience and hard work in order to shape their dream bodies the natural way. Following the steps of such legends like Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda and others, they keep up the tradition and the meaning of Health & Strength in the bodybuilding. “



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