” Toughy ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-1 + HD Pentax-D FA 24-70mm F2.8 ED SDM WR )

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War machines… designed only for one purpose, and one purpose alone… There’s no place nor time for making things beautiful. Performance and effectiveness over everything else. The natural beauty of primal creation. I am a great advocate of performance first, looks after philosophy. This is why everything of military descendance is automatically attracting my twisted mind. It stands so peacefully, so calm and innocent… Even children are treating it as a toy now… It’s quite hard to believe that this immobilised steel monster was once something you have never wished to see outside your worst nightmare. What does it tell us? Well, it means that everything depends on how it is used. Doesn’t matter what was the original purpose of creation; everything can be used to do harm or good. We’ve got the choice and we can decide what to do with it. Of course no one is designing and building a tank to deliver gummy bears… but, you get the point. I think this is another reason why I love it so much. Something so dangerous, violent and born to be straight evil… is just sitting around nice trees, beautiful clouds and green grass; serving as an attraction for kids and families… Chilling like a retired serial killer amongst normal citizens after years of successful hunts… I will just leave you there… Take a moment to appreciate this flesh ripping, bone crushing, skin melting piece of art…

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” A War Of Generations ” by tgchan ( Sony A6500 + Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 )

” You cannot stop time… No matter how rich and powerful you are, you just can’t. Generations after generations, they all fight for their own survival. This is how it goes, this is how it was from the very beginning. There are no permanent things. Some last longer while other shorter, but in the end… everything must perish eventually. The fight between generations doesn’t necessarily always have to end in the disappearance of the fallen one. Sometimes they can even coexist in a nice and civilised manner. Every generation has got its own prime time which is eventually replaced with another one, and another one, and so on. Some generations are so tough and resilient, they can withstand almost anything and still coexist with the next following ones. Games, films, cinema, television, internet, consoles, CDs, DVDs, smartphones and so much more, none of it could take books out. They have been around for so long that I don’t think they will ever go away… What is their secret? How come they have survived for so long? Even despite highly digitalised world, they still got masses of admirers. Could it be simplicity? Perhaps… or maybe it is something else. Probably a mixture of things like; nostalgia, simplicity, portability, convenience, deep engagement and many more. Books are simply magical… It is mind-blowing that a piece of paper and some letters stuck together have the power to take you to another reality. Even though I prefer different type of entertainment, I have a mad respect for them. Hopefully this generation will perish as the last one, just for the sake of an ultimate resilience.”

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” Come Out Come Out ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited )

” Come out, Come out… wherever you are… You can’t hide forever. It is a matter of time when the real you will take control, step out of the shade, come to light, show true colours. You can’t be perfect, not for a longer while. The cracks will start showing up, you’ll break, fall apart. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t be the best version of yourself for too long. It doesn’t matter for who and why… you just can’t. The legend says, you can leave your old you, and become a totally different person in a matter of seconds. The art of personality switch is a long time forgotten skill. You can become whoever you want, do whatever you want, and have whatever you want. You can leave imperfect yourself behind, become someone you have always dreamt of being. Do things you have always been afraid of doing, and finally reach for the things that were out of your reach before. It is not permanent, you can’t stay in that state forever. It’s exhausting and tiring. Is it worth it? Are you determined hard enough? Are you ready to become someone who is not you, in order to get what you want from life? The legends says, if you reach the highest level of mastering the art of personality switch, you can do it whenever you want, and last in the new form… for as long as you need it. It also says, there is a risk of irreversibly damaging and altering your old self. Random unwanted personality switches may occur, without the crucial element of leaving the old mind behind, you may find yourself internally torn apart, wanting two different things most of the time. Eventually you will become demented, living two different lives in one body, eternally split between what you want, and what you can’t… Forever shattered, beyond the point of repair… “

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” Come With Me If You Want To Live ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” Another monument… I guess, we really do need those reminders in our lives, to help us remember about all those good deeds, we have done to each other in the past… How do you even distinguish, good guys from the bad ones, when everyone is killing and acting like a monster… Oh, you had a good reason? Well guess what… now they have a good reason to kill you back as well. The truth is… we don’t need much to start all this hate-chain reaction, and after that… it is almost impossible to stop it. We create, then we destroy, we give life, then we take it back. It looks like everything goes in a perfect order according to yin yang philosophy, yet… it doesn’t feel right. Do we even have a choice in all this? …or is it inevitable, and it is just a matter of time, before white switch to black? I honestly don’t know. What I know, is that people waste too much money, effort and time trying to fix the past, when they can do all that… and try to fix the future. “


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” Medusa ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” Years ago, I felt a weird need of having something very old. Something with a great history behind it, something that remembers life from the past. I’ve won it on an auction by a mistake, or maybe not? I had bid a little too much, in hope that someone will outbid me… but no one did. This is how, I have acquired this special coin. It is hard to believe, that this little piece, is around two-and-a-half thousand years old… Just imagine, how many people had it before me, in how many different places it had been, before it finally reached my place… it’s truly mind blowing. There were many different ancient coins to buy, but I wanted something special, mystical and perhaps sinister. So who is this mysterious persona, looking like a friendly, smiling sun? Her name is… as you may have already guessed, Medusa. In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. So no…, it is definitely not a friendly face you would like to look at. I have kept it for a long time now, maybe it’s time to let her go… Maybe she is the reason, behind all those troubles I have been having with my life in the last couple of years? What if she gets really angry, once she leaves my place? I better not make her mad… Think twice~! before you look into her eyes~! “


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” 1938 ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + HD Pentax-DA 35mm F2.8 Limited Macro )

” 1938… a year before the outbreak of the Second World War that will change the world forever… The year, in which the infamous symbol is still, just an innocent sign. It is kind of ironic that the sacred and auspicious symbol of “good fortune” or “well-being”, soon is to become one of the most hated and evil signs ever. 77 years ago, someone had this coin in his pocket, without any knowledge what is about to happen with the world soon. There is something unsettling and mysterious about very old things. Maybe it’s the idea, that those ordinary artefacts, used to be a part of someone’s live before… or even lives, who knows. It is just a simple coin from the past, an obsolete item, a piece of our history… but it almost feels like a medium between the worlds of the living and the dead. One thing is certain, people ban symbols, ideologies and everything else, thinking that it will save them from evil, yet… they commit the same mistakes over and over again… “


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” Left Behind ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-50 + SMC Pentax-DA 50mm F1.8 )

” Some things are meant to be left behind… Others, we cannot take with us. Through our lifetime, we gather so much physical things… Though, we cannot take even single one of them, to another life. All items are deeply connected with our lives. What a shame, they will never be able to tell our stories… yet there is something unique about them. You can definitely feel, they hide and carry some kind of secret information… Unfortunately, you cannot read nor learn about it. I look at this forgotten padlock and wonder, how many days and nights it has already witnessed, how many more it will… before nature will take its last mineral back to its own place. Long time forgotten items, the treasure chests of abandoned memories… “




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Lots of work… and for what?

Few days ago I have decided to move from free wordpress site to one you host by yourself. Funny thing is that the only thing I needed was the new gallery plugin, which you can’t have with free option of wordpress. This alone (and maybe that I always wanted my own site :D) made me take few steps and learn thing or two. I have never had my own site before, except for the free one with easy site builder built in. Not that it is hard using wordpress.org because it is not… but it was enough to kick my ass few times… I didn’t want to go with “1 click install wordpress” option provided by host, I wanted to upload files on my own via ftp client and do things my own way… as always I guess heh… making my life harder for no real reason.

I am really happy with the theme (way the site looks) of the site. It is highly customizable so I have room to make things my own way without knowing too much of technical stuff.

I have to figure out colours for the site as I want it to be dark and gloomy 🙂

It feels nice… Like a small home… I just hope I will have enough “furniture”(content) to fill in the free space…


I wanted to write a post about my lame & pathetic adventure with camera which I had this Sunday. I was all over my head with moving the site so I will write about it now.

Few days before Sunday I have read that there will be a small historical event about old days of my city. I thought, why not go there with camera and tame myself a little.

I woke up that day still not sure if I will go or not. I’ve put camera battery in charger in case I’ll decide and go there. I was going to my grandparents for dinner that day and in last minute before we went out I have packed the camera and took it with me. During the dinner I already knew that right after it, I will go there. After a little driving I was at the place, which was the old town square. I went to nearby museum which I believed was hosting the event but it wasn’t. I have learned about the right places and went there right away. The main thing which interested me the most was a historical martial arts show. After “Game of Thrones” & “Vikings” tv series I really wanted to see it 🙂


When I got to the place I was little disappointed. Only a bunch of people, two tents etc. It was sad… not because the attraction wasn’t big enough but because they did not get enough viewers… There were only a few people around them… maybe two families with their kids and that’s all… I loved their outfits, weapons, accessories, they were very nice and polite. They let people know that you can grab, check and examine everything they have there. I had my hand busy with the camera so I just grabbed an axe, sword and checked the weight, balance etc. If not the camera I would probably love to borrow the whole outfit from them, grab an axe and shield and pretend I am Ragnar Lothbrok hahaha

I asked if I can take a few photos of them and they agreed with smile on their faces. It really made me feel bad… sad… they were so nice, they fucking deserved bigger crowd!!!! See I am weird that way… I feel that kind of things very clearly, I am very emotionally sensitive for that kind of matters.

I wasn’t there to make photos of everything I can see like a madman Asian, I needed to feel things and be able to show something filtered by my own emotions. Overall, there wasn’t a lot that I wanted to get pictures of… They were not fighting because they waited for some more people to show up. I didn’t wait and went to a building next to them for some exhibition. It was ok, lots of old vases, rocks and shit… nothing interesting enough to get pictures of. On my way out nice lady asked me if I am going out already because there is more on first floor, and so I followed her.

There were only two exhibitions there and one I really liked. It looked like a small sandpit. It supposed to present the burial of a man during this given period. The lady kept talking and talking but I was thinking only about how am I going to take these pictures,which part of them and what settings should I use lol. After minutes of history lesson I had some free time with the Mr Skeleton. My shots were rushed and I didn’t really get what I wanted… She was eager to talk some more but I just wanted to think and take pictures… at some point I even thought about asking her if I can take some pictures of her too xD but I decided she wasn’t interesting enough… or was I just too scared…? probably both options.

After a while in that room I heard iron clanking outside and I nicely said goodbye to knowledgeable and smart lady.


Jesus f christ… it feels like I am writing a book here… book about nothing lol…


Anyways I went outside and saw kids attacking shields held by warriors, I have prepared the camera settings and by the time I was ready the have already finished… lol

After a while I heard that they they will make a little fight between themselves and I was excited about it. When they started I thought I was ready but I wasn’t… they moved a lot and I didn’t know where to keep my focus in order to get sharp pictures… I was changing shutter speed, aperture and tangling between focus modes… trying to get at least some of the action in focus. The have finished after a while and I was getting angry… I left the place because I thought there was nothing interesting to shoot anymore. I got to my car, packed the camera and dispirited drove away. Shooting stills is one thing… shooting moving objects is totally different cake…

When I was driving back to my grandparents in order to bring my mother back home, I thought maybe I will stop by and take couple of photos of fountains and people around it on main street of the city. Without giving it much thinking this is what I did. I needed some nice photos to cheer me up. I was confident about myself, mainly because I was a little angry and dishearten with previous shooting… and I felt like I have nothing to lose.

After a while I was taking pictures of the main attraction of the street which were the fountains and place where people could rest. I was trying to get a nice sharp pictures of water bursting out of the ground and the children playing around. I enjoyed it. While I was waiting for the sun to come out from clouds I phoned my mother and informed her that I will be a little later, she wasn’t pleased.

When I felt that I have what I came for, I have moved towards my car. On my way back I saw pigeons being chased by a little girl and I thought, it might be a great photo. I tuned settings quickly for fast shutter speed. She went to her mother who was seating on a bench nearby. When I heard her mother saying something about me taking pictures, without much thinking I asked the little girl if she could chase some pigeons for me. I really wanted to capture that moment. I’ve had a vision in my mind which I really wanted to create with a photo. After few attempts she scared birds enough and they flew up a little. I took a picture or two, I thanked loudly and gratefully and moved on to my car. I was really happy… I knew that the photos will be probably blurred, out of focus and crap but I liked the idea that I interacted with random people.

I went back to my grandparents, mother was pissed because she waited for me long, but I was ok. I have had some pictures in my camera and some of them might be really nice, I was really happy about it.

I shoot in RAW format. I love developing pictures on my own, messing with settings, making the photo how I want it to look.


When I got home I hooked x100 up to a computer and started transferring files. Then it struck me…

All my photos were in Jpeg format… no sign of RAW files too… for a moment I couldn’t believe it…

I thought ” but I changed it! right before I went out to my grandparents… (I have had RAW + Fine option selected before, but decided to change only to RAW file format because I never use j pegs anyways…)”

Yea… I have changed it from RAW+Fine to FINE… It was top option, so in my little brain it meant best quality… best quality but it is still jpeg…

In few words for people who doesn’t know what I am talking about:

RAW – raw file, all data stored exactly what sensor in camera have captured… and because of that you have great field of manipulation….

JPEG – file already automatically processed inside the camera, lots of data is lost but the file size is smaller…


Fuji-film cameras are well known for amazing image quality and real colour reproducing in jpeg files.

I doesn’t help me much though… as my pictures are very often over or under exposed… which is not a big problem with RAW format as I can fix it easily, unless I go full retard mode.

No colour bending this time… I will still try and see what I can do about it but probably most of the photos will finish in recycle bin…

So yea… this is the story… simple overlook and all your potentially good photos are gone…


This was my 3rd go out with fuji x100 and I am still not completely sure if I want to sell it or not… The camera here is not the issue of course.

If I will sell it… what will I post here?


I will edit this post and attach some photos from this event, if there will be any…


Thanks for reading!

(It took me few hours to type it… believe it or not…)



Ok… so I have salvaged few images… and yes working with jpegs is a pain in the ass… but most photos were shit anyways…




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