” Sweet Spike ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-F 50mm F2.8 Macro )

” Nobody likes Sweet Spike… As a matter of fact, nobody liked him ever since he was born. He used to be quite a nice fellow, you know? Unfortunately his strange looks, weird diet and not so much fresh breath made him really unpopular. He’s genuinely desperate nowadays, he just flies around and tries to hug anyone… that can’t be good, can it? He used to be charming, really smart and with a good talk. Sadly enough, time changes everyone… and for poor Sweet Spike the change was not for the better… I mean, I don’t blame him, you know? How would you personally feel if everyone, without any exception, would hate you from the moment they meet you? Not nice, huh? And it wasn’t nice for Spike as well… All he ever wanted was to be just like others; nice, colourful, likeable, cute and things like that. Didn’t work out at all… He got beaten many times, with many different things; newspapers, towels, flip-flops, got electrocuted, sprayed with chemicals and so much more… It’s just painful, you know? Not just for the body, but for the soul as well… Poor Spike, I heard he got addicted to pooh again too. It is not his fault really? The freaking nature designed him like that, what can he do about it? Nothing, exactly… so why all the hate!? Sweet Spike~!! Not everyone hates you~!! Can you hear me~!? Don’t you do anything stupid~!! Some of us understand how you feel and you are not alone~!! Unluckily… Sweet Spike is not with us any more… Those were my last words to him, and this is the last photograph of him. Sweet Spike was found dead at a hotel room in Des Moines, Iowa, on May 25. Test results have shown he died of an accidental diarrhoea overdose. He is survived by… no one. You won’t be missed, but you were still… pretty fly for a stinky guy. “

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” Locked In Emptiness ” by tgchan ( Pentax K-5 II s + SMC Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited )

Original Street Artist: Anna Matuszewska in association with Galeria Sztuki 58, Radom.

” Locked away by none other than himself, trapped in abyss, floating in vacuum of despair… Dreaming about life high, far above everything, living secretly underneath everyone else… Come… come closer please, look into a darkness, try to see my face… Tell me that what I see, is only a fear of what I might be. Locked in a cell of confusion, I’ve got enough. Trying to find a key, now the lock… Where the hell is it. No!! no… It’s gone… I can’t get out, I’ll never be free… Reaching with my hands out, trying to squeeze out, I can’t… I am being devoured, pulled down. I am sitting in a black corner looking at the light, thinking… The key in my hand… Heh… The lock and now the key… I’ve been waiting too long, it’s melting. I can hear the life right outside of my door… Smell it, see and even touch it sometimes… but I can never be a part of it. I have been here for so long… Do I even remember why I have decided to lock myself in this place… Of all those things I could have been, I have chosen not to be at all. My hands holding the rims of the hole, the face hidden far away from the light of life, it’s still afraid. I am looking at it for the last time, before I turn around, and walk deep into the darkness in search of myself. Where will the black tunnel lead me…? Will there be another door at the end of it, or just a dead end? I can hear voices calling my name, I am not turning around, I remember… Now I remember who and why locked me in here… Now I understand who destroyed the lock… Why did you leave the key…? “


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