” Spiky Greens ” by tgchan ( Sony A6500 + Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 )

I always knew… I have always known what I want in life… I was sure and confident about it as well… I don’t know what happened, I mean I know… but it is too hard for me to believe it. It scares me because I know it’s true, and I don’t know the way out of it now… I have set myself on the path that was not designed for me at all… I have triggered the bomb, and I don’t know how to stop the countdown. Piece by piece, life is stripping me of what I have known… Leaving me with nothing but darkness and chaos in my mind. I don’t know what I want any more, what is even worse; I feel like the things I have always loved doing are leaving me as well… All my pillars of existence are crumbling underneath the weight of emptiness. I just don’t know any more… I feel like those spiky greens shivering and trembling in the wind, unconsciously waiting to be finally knock down from their highest point in life…

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” Under the tree’s skirt ” by tgchan ( Fujifilm X100 BLACK Limited Edition )

 Please, play the music before reading and looking at the photograph

” Have you ever wondered what’s hiding under the tree’s skirt? What sort of a magical world is trying to avoid the sun’s rays…? Is it afraid? Is it shy? Why all these branches Mr Tree? Do you really need them all? Are birds your friends or foes? Do you have to drop all your pretty leaves every year? Does it hurt? If you could, would you move somewhere else? ”



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